Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lemon Ruffled Curtain

Not long after posting pictures of my Japanese kitchen, I finished up a project that had been a long time in coming. As I mentioned, I really don't have very much storage in my kitchen, so my metal rack pantry has to do a lot of overtime in the storage department.

I love how convenient it is, but I just wasn't in love with staring at my cans and Kitchen Aid every day. So I created a ruffled curtain to add some color and hide my extra storage.
I'm going to share a little of how I made it, mostly in words with a few pics thrown in.

First I measured the size I wanted for the curtain space. I used an old white sheet, cut it to size, and hemmed all four sides, leaving the top side open on either end to put a curtain rod through.

Then I figured out how wide I wanted my ruffles and cut enough strips to cover the length of the curtain. I hemmed the ruffles on 3 sides (leaving the top side unhemmed).

I ruffled the unhemmed top with this awesome tip I picked up somewhere. I just set my stitch length to the longest and the tension to the tightest and it ruffles the fabric for me. Such a time saver! But you do have to know your sewing machine fairly well. Then I pinned the gathered strip to the top of the white curtain.
After I stitched it on, I added the next ruffled row underneath the bottom of the top row so that the stitching couldn't be seen.

For the first couple rows I pinned and then sewed.

But I found that it was too time consuming switching back and forth, so I ended up pinning the entire thing and then sewing after it was all pinned.
At the top, I stitched on a bit of ribbon to cover up the top ruffle layer's unfinished hem.
I'm not going to lie. It was a pretty tedious project after awhile. (Read-repetitive!!)
But I think the end result is so worth it!! Every time I walk into my kitchen I just love seeing those bright lemons.

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Have you had any projects you've made that you love to look at every day?

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Clay and Chelsea said...

Love the Lemon Fabric! Great Idea!