Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blitz Week Day 3 - Slings, Slings, are Wonderful Things!

If you've never tried a sling, we HIGHLY recommend it! There are so many out there that will work for you and your child. Not only does it allow you to have two hands free (to do the dishes!) but it also has great emotional benefits (for both you and baby) to having your child so close to you.

Ring Slings are so great because they are incredibly versatile! You can use them from the day you leave the hospital up to 2+ years (and 9 months prego like the picture below). Your child can lay down, nurse, sit up, or ride on your back!

We now have 3 new sling listing on our site. All slings include directions on how to use it. If you want a sling, but would like some custom fabric, just email us! The best part...our prices beat just about anyone out there!

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