Monday, October 12, 2009

Damask & Stripey Diaper Bag

What a fun time I had making this bag! I tweaked my last diaper bag design, so I think this one is PERFECT! It's extra big (because I can never pack enough stuff for my baby) with 6 different pockets...including a great cell phone pocket.

The single strap design allows for easy access to items in the bag without it falling off. And built with extra padding to keep your shoulder from getting sore! I just LOVE the colors on this bag because it is so modern & vintage...sure to get TONS of good comments. The yellow and grey make it so chic for either a girl or boy...I'd even take it out to use just a purse!

I've fallen in love with making any custom orders are welcome! I've got one in the works...

Dimensions: 12" x 20" x 5"


Whitney and Lish Harris said...

I want one of these when I'm expecting and a tutu when I have a little girl. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Brit. Can I put in an order? I LOVE this bag!! But if you don't have any of the same fabric something similar would be great! Lemme know!