Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Item in Store-DIAPER BAGS!!

I am so excited to offer these diaper bags I can't even tell you. I don't have the greatest shot of it yet, but here's some sneak peeks.

{there's a spool of thread in the pocket, there's not just random threads hanging out!}

Isn't this so adorable??
This bag is completely reversible. In these pics, I used it to put a whole bunch of crafting supplies in. It worked perfectly and I *loved* it!!

For a diaper bag, you can reverse the bag (I'll get pics posted soon!) so that the pockets are on the inside. The pockets are big enough to fit diapers, a traveling wipes case, baby bottles, water bottles, wallets, you name it. The pockets fully line the entire perimeter of the bag, so there's lots of room to throw stuff in. This is probably one of my favorite things I've made so far...although that could just be because it's something new?? I'm not sure.

If you NEED one of these, let me know and you can either buy this one HERE or I can custom make you one.

And in case you couldn't get enough, here are some more baby leg warmers that are new in our store. Click on the image to go the store.
All Items come Gift Wrap Ready to Give!


Whitney and Lish Harris said...

I love the diaper bags! When I need one, I'm coming to you! You make me excited to have babies. Someday...

Jared and Ché said...